Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gender Dreams Institute Anal Training

You'll find some Anime mixed in with the other captions in this Blog, but typically I'm not going to use it unless it portrays something specific which catches my eye.

Gender Dreams Institute

This caption is not going to be part of the GDI (Gender Dreams Institute) canon, but it's one I wrote awhile ago on another blog and thought I might as well post it here.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ideal reaction from your partner

Even with the larger footprint Chastity has in the fetish community today chances are your partner has never heard of it. There are many advice books and other blogs out there about how to broach the subject to your partner for the first time, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. Dan Savage recently talked about Cuckolding to a young lady who was very distraught at the request her boyfriend made to be Cuckolded. He mentions that generally, when left to their own devices, Men tend to fantasize about a variety of fetishes while women tend to more vanilla fare (certainly not true of all ladies). He claims that once women (sometimes hesitantly) help perform the fetish desired by their partner and become comfortable with it that they often develop a fetish for it themselves.

Thirty years ago the Chastity community was extremely small (from what I've read) and limited greatly by the costs of entry. Just over ten years ago the cheap plastic chastity device was made available to everyone (even if it's only a toy) and we've seen incredible growth in the community since that point. Chastity is still somewhat of a fringe fetish even today, but I believe the incredible growth rate of interest in Chastity can be partly attributed to how easy it is to incorporate into other fetishes. The ease with which one can enhance a current or new fantasy with Chastity makes it easy for people to begin to sexualize all the fetishes that cross well with Chastity.

Once your partner agrees to start Chastity play don't be surprised if she starts asking you to do things for her that you've never really sexualized. Just make sure you're as open to her needs as she was to yours!


Whenever I have tried to make captions in the past I always end up writing more of a novel than a short caption. Even here I intended to sit down and make a short caption and ended up with a longer one (although still a reasonable length). I'm going to really try and write some short and sweet captions next time just to see if I actually can!